Handcrafted unisexe ring featuring a cat bone cast in sterling silver
I've collected bones and other natural treasures for as long as I can remember, they're mostly gifts, finds or byproducts of regulated and sustainable trapping. I do not promote animal cruelty, I don't see them as trophies, but mostly as a beautiful way to promote exploration and education of the natural world.

This cat skeleton was gifted to me by one of my dearest friend. He found it after a long winter in the back of a building in the city. The cause of death in unknown but probably natural. I'm honoured to be able to give this little creature a second life.

Wear it as a talisman 

Open ring; this means it could be somewhat adjustable!

This ring is minimalist, easy to stack with your other favorite adornments and has the perfect subtle dark aesthetic. 

Oxidized to give a beautiful black color and then roughly polished to give more character. 

Please consider that the item you will receive may have a slightly different finish than the pictures because they are handmade.

Cat Bone open ring

SKU: 0007